Arab Workers Union in Israel



Dear Friends,

You will find below the statement issued by the Arab Workers Union regarding the situation in Palestine following the recent murder of a young child.

Please circulate this as widely as possible.

The statement is available in Arabic, French, English and Spanish, and will be sent to you by return in the language of your choice upon request to

Arab Workers Union in Israel

The Arab Workers Union of Nazareth calls for the broadest possible mobilisation against the crimes perpetrated by the settlers.

The Arab Workers Union calls on the Palestinian population and the Palestinian workers to step up their efforts in protesting against the crimes perpetrated by the settlers in the West Bank.

The latest of such crimes was committed against a Palestinian family living in the village of Doma, south of Nablus, where a baby (Ali Dawabsha) was burnt alive together with his family.

We issue this appeal at a time when the number of demonstrations is increasing in the territory of Palestine that was occupied in 1948.

Hundreds of young Palestinians in the cities of Nazareth, Shafa-Amer and Haifa have taken to the streets and blocked the roads leading to the city of Tel-Aviv.

There have been clashes between those youths and the Israeli police.

A march by the Palestinian population of the 1948 territories has been called, starting from the citycentre of Jaffa, the town neighbouring Tel Aviv.


2 August 2015